Our Adirondack chairs, benches and stools are made from high quality, western red cedar. Based on a design that originated in the Adirondack mountains in northern America. We were one of the first companies in the U.K to produce them in England over 30 years ago.

Adirondack chair

Our chairs have been designed to enable the choice of different backs and bases. All offering superior comfort. Please scroll through to see the different options.

Price :  £325

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Our Adirondack bench seats two people comfortably. We also offer the bench with all the options as our chairs

Price :  £595

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Adirondack stools

Our Adirondack stools are made from the same materials as our chairs and benches and are designed for comfort

Price :  £90

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Our Adirondack tables seats two people comfortably. We also offer the tables with all the options

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